The preliminary program for SiPM 2019 conference:

 „Sustainability leadership: inspiring action towards a better world”

18th September 


18:00                       Welcome cocktail at hall Žatika 

19th September 

8:00-9:00                  Registration at the Conference lobby in Valamar Hotel Diamant

9:00-9:15                  Opening  ceremony (plenary)
                                 Sandra Matuhina, Ekspertus (Croatia)
                                 Mladen Radujković Alma Mater Europea (Slovenija)

                                 Goran Mrvoš, Project Management Institute (Croatia)

                                 Maja-Marija Nahod, Ministry of construction and physical planning (Croatia)


9:15-10:50                LEADERS ABOUT LEADERSHIP, facilitator: Mladen Radujković

                                 Decision-making challenges of sustainability leadership on the public level - Maja-Marija Nahod (Croatia)

                                 Pelješac Bridge - an engineering masterpiece - Marjan Pipenbaher (Slovenija)

                                 Green Project Management www – WHY? WHAT? HOW? - Oxana Klimenko (Russia)


10:50-11:20                                                                         Coffee break

11:20-12:30              Croatian Chamber of Commerce sustainability report - Marija Šćulac Domac (Croatia) (on the Croatian language)

                                 Panel discussion: Delivering the UN Sustainable Development Program 2030 on the public level: examples of good                                                                           practice (on the Croatian language), moderator: Iva Rukavina

                                  Members of the panel discussion:

                                  Maja-Marija Nahod, Assistant Minister for Construction and Energy Efficiency in Buildings Sector

                                  Marija Šćulac Domac, Croatian Chamber of Commerce

                                  Davor Ljubičić, Advisor to the Mayor of the city of Petrinja


12:30-13:30                                                                              Lunch

13:30-15:00               PROJECT MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES, facilitator: Igor Vrečko

                                  Project leader’s responsibility in community well-being development - Mladen Radujković (Slovenija)

                                  New views on sustainable energy development - Zvonko Anderluh (Croatia) (on the Croatian language)


15:00-15:30                                                                           Coffee break

15:30-17:00              PROJECT THAT WE ADMIRE, facilitator: Oxana Klimenko   

                                 Governance perspective: Pelješac bridge Project Governance - Goran Legac (Croatia)
                                 From Sustainable city to Smart city – a case from Slovenia - Igor Vrečko (Slovenija)


17:05                         Wrap up and closure

17:10                         Networking


The conference aims to identify the potentials, opportunities, positive practices and solutions / recipes for the sustainability leadership, to learn about the successful experiences and practices of neighboring countries and to develop the proposal of the concept of sustainable development with the active participation of representatives of key government and economic institutions and business entities from international level and present solutions for ensuring the required quality and innovation at the international level. The conference will offer new knowledge and ideas to small and medium-sized subjects and entrepreneurs as well as motivation for large entities, and encourage their development in some new ways, new investment steps and the realization of numerous competitive advantages. The conference is two-day, dynamic, organized in the form of lectures of experts and examples of positive practices and panel where the potential solutions of the topics discussed will be considered and created.

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